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August 2014 Newsletter
 The weather cleared and we launched on time about 8:30 in the morning. Five airplanes, 17 members were treated to a fine morning at the Castle Air Museum.

Dallas Henkle and John Weaver were our hosts for the trip and boy did they know their stuff. Both had been based at Castle and flew a whole lot of the planes on exhibit. We toured inside the only existing B36 which was very fun, as long as you remembered to duck.

The collection of warbirds is excellent and they appear to be well maintained. The museum contains much memorabilia and is worth some time.

The air museum is open weekdays and the restoration hanger (located on the airfield) is open Monday, Wed, Fri mornings and you are welcome to stop by.

Jack Gotcher the acting chief executive officer for the air museum hosted our lunch which turned out to be excellent and informative. Take a look at their web site
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